Canon 5d MKIII
14 mm Tamron
Movi M10
Single Operator Mode

Factory Settings

Post Stabilized and Raw

In this initial run with the movi I used the movi with the factory settings. I have no experience with the steady cam or the glidecam but heard you need practice, training and muscle and it helps if there is no wind, etc.

When I purchased the Movi I thought I could literally run over everything and the footage would be near perfect. This test helped my expectations be a little milder. Tuned with the Freefly Configurator software that could be possible.

Initially I didn't do the diagnosis for tuning he roll (factory setting at 10), pan (factory setting at 10), tilt (factory setting at 5) because honestly there was nothing telling me that I needed to in single operator mode.

What is possible with the Movi out of the box with and without stabilization is what this film is. Because I wasn't very impressed with the outcome (these are my "best clips") I wanted to see what it looks like post stabilization.

The Movi is still revolutionary hands down. I really learned about how great it is after setting the pan tilt and roll to my liking through the software. You might need to learn a little bit how to hold it while running over large uneven surfaces In the factory settings. Those settings will be coming in the next blog post on and in the next film too.

My wife and I filmed at some local skate parks in the downtown Detroit Brewster Projects and in Hamtramck at the Sculpture Park, at the Imagination Station mini golf course and a few other locations.

The settings were right out-of-the-box and with the 5D Mk III and the movi felt pretty light.

The only really shaky scenes which i didn't include in this Were when I would change direction abruptly affecting the roll.

The 14 mm lens really helped get the effect of floating.

In single operator mode the whip pan goes slowly but is fluid as I turn the top handle grip to face my subject. That helped make it a lot more fluid instead of 45° whip pan after 45 whip pan.

In these tests I really just wanted to cover the most amount of distance possible while keeping the shot/story going. With the movi it seems like one approach to using it is for the large reveal. That seems the most go to option. The challenge that I wanted also to take on was to find a way to make clips to edit to from the sane scene, which I don think I was as successful with.

I found that as i was filming with the movi I was reaching every point that I would normally have put a tripod or slider but in the same move. With such a sweeping move I found that it wasn't second nature to break down the scene in little visual stories like I'm used to; scene to scene angled angle.

Thank you to The Shot Above for helping this review be stronger.

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