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This epic cinematic track is a mix between heavy metal, orchestral, electronica, futuristic sounds and film score action music. It has a very big action pump up adrenaline feeling. It starts from the intro which is a futuristic sounding synth with heavy metal drums which then changes into a mixture of orchestral and Action Cinematic music with futuristic electronic synths and FX. This song is melodic, heavy, fast and exciting. It also has rising violins and a full brass section that also gives it a battle and war type of feel. This is a song that would be played right during a full on battle fight in an action packed movie or an intense car chase scene.
Basically it is very good for any project needing action , heavy , brutal , or intense music. Could also be good for a tech project or something to do with cars.
Think -- heavy metal, epic movie trailer, Robots, Transformers, car chase, travel, brutal, rock, sports introduction, Victory, Apocalypse, Website, Action Montage, violin dubstep, horns, war cry, Radio, Police, Army, SWAT, Bomb Squad, Inspirational, Athlete, Space, Science, Technology, in the future, breathtaking, march, Epic Orchestral, battle march, hidden, mystical, dramatic visuals, the last stand, final hour
This is pretty easy to edit if you need a specific part but if you need help , please drop me a message.

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