Based on the promo and highlights reel video production done during my time in London, three of the four pieces included in this showreel were done during my time as freelance Senior Producer/Editor for BBC Worldwide S&D Creative Services. The other piece was done as freelance Promo Producer for BT Vision.

Video 1

Walking With Dinosaurs is a very important brand for BBC Earth, the part of BBC Worldwide that's responsible for all Natural History Unit and BBC wildlife productions. Stephen Fry narrated a software app for WWD (Inside Their World) and the promo was outsourced to a production company in Melbourne that was involved in producing the app itself. BBC Earth management were disappointed with the result, so it was brought in-house to Creative Services and then passed on to me. I worked with WWD's producer in the United States and the production house in Melbourne to bring the assets to London and listened to the creative feedback of the original piece before presenting a new concept involving a script to be read by Stephen Fry. This was well received by management so I went on to script, produce and edit the final result.

Video 2

BBC Earth Publicity took Gillian Anderson to the Roma Fiction Fest event in 2012 to promote her role in the new BBC series Great Expectations. The Head of BBC Worldwide Sales and Distribution spoke at the start of the event and I was commissioned to produce and edit a "sizzle" of five BBC dramas that were about to start a new season. The brief was to create an emotive and action-packed 2 minute reel of Ripper Street, Great Expectations, Sinbad, Doctor Who and Sherlock, with emphasis on Gillian Anderson and Matthew MacFadyen (Ripper Street). I was given a day and a half to complete the project.

Video 3

This is the main project I did during my brief time as freelance Promo Producer for BT Vision. This March 2013 Box Office promo was done for Michael Barry, Head of On-Air Creative. Narration was done by Stephan Ashton Frank.

Video 4

The last video is a longer form highlights reel done for a Royal Television Society conference on Digital Television. This piece was made as a sizzle to introduce the critical analysis of the digital viewing habits of the British population during London 2012 by Enders Analysis.

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