Frontier Productions is dusting off their classic windsurfing film "Quake On The Gold Coast: California Windsurfing Guide" which we shot in 1993...ages ago...but it still has its charm.

Reviewed by the windsurf magazines at the time, it was "the Godfather of windsurfing videos", probably because we used lots of helicopter angles and shot in film a large amount of it with the famous surfing cameraman Stephen Spaulding, also because it has the famous landmarks of the San Francisco Bay Area. Also featured are the wavesailing spots of Central California and Punta San Carlos in Baja California.

Directed by Justin Wheeler and David Zvi Levine, it features windsurfers Ian Boyd, Bennet Williams, Peter Trow, Howie Green, Dean Karnazes, Topher Gaylord, Brad Duffy and many other top California windsurfers.

We have enabled embedding and download of the video file, so pass it around to all your windsurfing friends and enjoy!


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