Director: Anders Hazelius
Producer: Engelbrekt Krantz

Executive Producer: Mikael Klavius
DOP: Niklas Panthell

Raised in Canada with roots from Japan, you'll now find him in Sweden making music in a time machine built from parts of an MPC60 and Minimoog. He travels as far back as the early ‘80s in search of the layered synths and melodies that forever haunt him. The search continues with Nathaline Kerosene, follow his journey here:

Focus puller: Simon Bengtsson
Gaffer: Dinis Rodrigues

Production designer: Klara Granstrand
Costume designer & make up: Adina Schildt
Choreograph: Iwa Herdensiö
Production assistant: Hugo Paulsson

Editing: Anders Hazelius
Concept: Anders Hazelius & Mikael Klavius
Grading: David Lindberg

The girl - Hanna Isedal

Music video by Yushichi © 2013 MFG Studios

Thanks to House of Radon and Dagsljus Film equipment for camera, lenses and light!

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