Vision: The Commission on Spirit-Empowered Discipleship in the 21st Century has been set forth by the Empowered21 USA cabinet to assist in addressing the need for increased Spirit-filled discipleship in the American church today. The USA cabinet has identified this as one of the significant issues that must be addressed for the future of the movement.

Goal: The Commission on Spirit-Empowered Discipleship will form an outcome based model for Spirit-filled discipleship.

Initial Questions to be Addressed:

- What should a Spirit-empowered disciple look like in 21st Century America?
- What are the appropriate stages of spiritual development for children and youth in Pentecostal/Charismatic ministries? For new converts in these ministries?
- What difference does the Holy Spirit make to the discipleship process? To the disciple?
- What steps can local churches take to ensure that they are developing Spirit-empowered disciples in their ministry?


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