SBG's Corner is back!

Requested by our very own Serina Arellano, the Public Relations of SBG, BisonTV is now working closely with SBG to ensure that it is here to stay until the end of 2014. Need more informations? Need help? Contact Serina Arellano!

SBG’s Corner

Hayley: Hi, my name is Hayle McLemore, I’m your president.
Dan: Hi, my name is Dan Mabashov, I’m your vice president!

Haley: Hello! Welcome to the first SBG’s Corner!

Dan: What is the purpose of this SBG’s Corner? We are here to connect between SBG and communication through BisonTV. It’s a nice opportunity to watch what information is provided to you.

Dan: Now what is SBG to you and to us? SBG stand for Student Body of Government, meaning what? We are here to support you, encourage you to make your life here excellent; on campus or in education and whatever.

Dan: Now you know what’s coming? Constitution Rally? That is a big project for the heart of Gallaudet. Why? If something were passed then it would help update a lot of things. Like if something were violated then it would help SBG look more clarified and provide more support and structure for all organizations.

Haley: So all in all, new by-law recently passed. We just hired new director of event. Third what? Homecoming 2013 theme is what? Lost in Time. There are different events including Clubroom, Fashion show and bash. If you want more information, look for it on homecoming webpage.

Dan: And now, we are having new construction happening in office. We are almost finished! When we are finished, we will make an announcement so that you can come in and take a look at the beautiful office. We are very excited for you to come visit our office ELY 223.

Hayley: Now all in all from watching: If you have any question, any concern, any suggestions. Please feel free to come meet us.

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