Actual Wording is the material generated during our research, concerning the direct translation of sound into movement and the perceptual result of this process, under very specific circumstances: the audience doesn't enter into contact with the sound, in contrast to the dancers, who, through a sensor and earphones, receive a common audio signal from a transmitter. We are interested in investigating and revealing not only movement following sound, but also the ways in which they can be independent of each other - that is, the rupture of their traditionally sequential relationship. Music and dance, movement and language, pause and continuity, sound and silence, contact and distance - these are the dynamic elements that formulate the creative tools of double choreographic scores. In the dancers' version, movement is dependent on sound. The dancers react by improvisation to the soundscape of the movie 'Il portiere di notte' (The night porter), which we chose for its musical diversity that goes beyond simple juxtaposition of different musical styles, but also for the intensity that characterises its dialogues. In the second version, the one presented to the audience during the performance, movement and sound develop a completely different relationship. Movement is continuous and the dancers' poses correspond exactly to pauses in sound, following the soundscape of the film; but the sound heard by the audience will not be unitary - as it will be for the dancers. Sound will function momentarily, as a sign of the movement's source, and will be absent during the rest of the performance, resulting in a dissolution of any possible impression of auditory narrative coherence. In this way, we will not only avoid establishing a descriptive relationship, but will also allow the audience to form hypothetical soundscapes, based on the stimulus of movement.
Carnation dance company
Created & performed by: Iro Apostolelli, Agni Papadeli Rossetou
Light design: Christos Tziogkas
Costume design: Iro Vagioti, Elina Poulou
Sound edition: Stamatis Lekatis
Camera: Thomas Ginis, Telis Malapetsas
Editing: Thomas Ginis

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