"What if people pitched Microsoft webcasts like movies..."

That's the concept for this three-video campaign I directed and edited for Microsoft and the Garrigan Lyman Group agency in Seattle. It can be hard to make tech funny, but I think these succeed on the strength of the cast.

The videos were commissioned by Microsoft through Seattle's Garrigan Lyman Group agency (GLG) as part of a web site promoting Microsoft's free webcasts on various technical topics. The concept was to treat these (often very low-tech) webcasts as if they were the product of the painstaking movie development process. The agency and client were very pleased with the result and the series helped them bring a lot of attention to their webcasts.

This first video especially was fun to direct because I got to work with Lauren Weedman and Matt Smith. Both are crack-ups who show up in all kinds of films and TV. (I'm loving Lauren's turn right now as "Horny Patty" on HBO's "Hung".) Lathrop Walker is a very talented Seattle theater actor, I'd directed on my SIFF short "Maura's War". I was very pleased to be able to bring him in on a paid gig. And our Microsoft presenter, Wally Mead turned out to be a total pro. More on Wally in the next liner notes.

Director, Editor: Douglas Horn
Writer: Matt Smith
Agency: Garrigan Lyman Group
CD: Bryan Cummings
Producer: Ali Fiorito
Camera: Kyle Carver

Cast: Matt Smith, Lauren Weedman, Lathrop Walker, Wally Smith

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