A cutting-edge and innovative new product, XL-Watch Phone, has been developed by SivVong Be and Dominique Ross. The invention's unique design provides users with unprecedented functionality and convenience in regards to the use of a common communications device. XL is a cell phone in a wrist watch just input your sim-card on the back of the watch and you can make calls instantly. XL-watch phone gives you an experience of “Hands-Free and you Never drop your phone no more!”

In the future hand-held phone will be a safety hazard, obsolete, and outlaw because it will be illegal to talk and drive with a phone. The XL-Watch Phone will be the new face of the future in technology in mobile phones. Developed by SivVong Be and Dominique Ross, The Invention of the Watch Phone is a unique concept based upon real actual daily incidence. The design is to act as a phone and a watch to create not only safety but functionality, practicality, style, class, and data. .

The XL-Watch Phone is cost-effective and eliminates common hazards associated with the attempted use of mobile devices when one is engaged in a primary activity such as driving an automobile. XL-Watch Phone is good for fitness endeavors from jogging to playing tennis and acts as a tracking device for children by accessing via internet. Professionals such as such as fireman, doctor, or the military will find the invention useful for its camera or cam recorder feature which allow interactions via chat or live camera (require a computer with the watch phone compatibility).


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