We've all heard of the adage the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time, and have been trained to think that, should we master this equation, we'll have unlocked the holy grail of marketing. Relevant, targeted, personalized, timely... these are all words that most likely describe the functionality of your current marketing solutions, yet none have addressed the power and lift that can be gained by actually generating the RIGHT message. By understanding the vast universe of language possibilities, exploring that landscape, and revealing the emotions and descriptive language that ultimately entice consumers to convert, marketers gain the power to effectively speak to their consumers and more effectively market to them. Through the utilization of sophisticated math and technology, vast amounts of data can be systematically explored, organized and analyzed in a short time... leading to significant revenue lift almost immediately.

Key takeaways from this session:
- A deeper understanding of the dormant power of language and emotions in your marketing messages
- An eyeopening realization on your current methods of marketing language generation and the difference in revenue between the best and worst performing marketing message
- A glimpse into unique insights that have been revealed through real-life application of Persado's revolutionary Marketing Language Engineering Platform.

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