Kalliopi Lemos’ installation I am I, Between Worlds and Between Shadows at the Ioakimion School for Girls in Fener, Istanbul is on view through November 10, 2013. 
The installation is realized in the scope of the 13th Istanbul Biennial Parallel Events Programme. In this exhibition Lemos remains concerned by human rights, but this time with an emphasis on abuses and injustices faced by women and girls, some of which have been featured in global news recently.

Check out the entire feature: installationmag.com/kalliopi-lemos-i-am-i-between-worlds-and-between-shadows/

Video: Kalliopi Lemos, I Am I, Between Worlds and Between Shadows, Installation in Ioakimion School for Girls, Fener, Istanbul, 2013, direction and photography by Filippos Koutsaftis, camera by Stamatis Kouros, montage by Yiannis Ntaridis, sound design by Tom Joyce

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