Several years ago SwedishAmerican made the commitment to bringing a world class cancer care center to Northern Illinois. About two years ago, Brian Reck asked us to start thinking of ways to introduce the new SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center (SARCC). Working with The Rudosky Agency and writer George Chalekian, we came up with four different concepts, each emphasizing a different aspect of the new center.

This spot, ‘Kincaid’, highlights lung cancer care at SwedishAmerican. The new facility is really marvelous, architecturally beautiful, with amazing attention paid to every little detail. After seeing some early artist renderings of the building and grounds, we decided to bring in Perry Perkins’ MovieTech crane to show off the details. This crane allowed our DP, Shawn Hiatt, to get almost 30’ into the air to compose his shots.
The SARCC features some of the most modern medical equipment in the area, and we were allowed time to show off the new Linear Accelerator and PET/CT. We’ve worked with many of the doctors at Swedish in previous shoots, and the trust we’ve developed with them made it possible to keep up with a very difficult shooting schedule.

As usual, Brian and his staff did a marvelous job casting and finding the locations. Andrea Nelson did a marvelous job propping out the garage sale and the clock repair area. We got so much great footage, our editor Jay Evans had his hands full passing up on some of the shots we all really liked, but did a marvelous job cutting both the personal and medical stories together. And Kit Ebersbach gave the music a modern bluegrass sound that helped keep everything moving along.

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