a sort of autobiography where words aren't necessary;
a sort of diary where my body becomes the messenger of thoughts and feelings; where Real and Imaginary are blended
a sort of conglomerated visual traces of a confrontation with my past;
a bunch of pixels becoming a digital letter with only receiver: my father.

SLR photo : Daz Dizley,
video/editing : Fenia Kotsopoulou
concept: Fenia Kotsopoulou
Lincoln (UK)2013

This video work is part of the project: “(DIS)REMEMBERING” (within my studies at MA/MFA Choreographing Live Art)
In its essence is an autobiographical project linked to the problematic but still intimate relationship with my father and the memories encompassed with it. the need to preserve them lead to the creation of an archive that became the cornerstone of the project and was seen as a material and metaphorical mechanism speaking about power, and about maintaining power, about the power of the present to control what is, and will be, known about the past, about the power of remembering over forgetting. It could be considered an exploration of other ways of experiencing the present, and thus of viewing the past.

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