First off: If you are an epileptic, do not watch this. You might end up with a seizure. Pregnant women and people with back problems should be fine though.
Secondly: This is my debut in "full-length" video editing. Cut me some slack.

Summer 2009 was epic. I went to see America, the country. New York, San Francisco, Grover Beach (somewhere between SF & LA) and Los Angeles. Yes I know, it's the classic tourist tour but hey, I happened to meet the coolest people on earth. Here, have some random facts:
I surfed with cool guys, pelicans, seals and dolphins. I got interrogated by the SFPD. I watched someone kill a squirrel with 2 knifes. I got lost in Brooklyn at 3AM. I was on a bus that stopped at McDonald's during transport. I helped lashing down beehives on a truck at night. I listened west coast rap music while on a midnight drive through the streets of LA. I went for a walk with a 19 year old homeless guy. I witnessed a drunken white guy start a rap battle against a black gang on the sub in NY. I ate food that I didn't even know existed e.g. Eritrean. I infiltrated the realest Filipino posse. I slept on a couch right next to a pet iguana on the loose, I took the 6 in NY and did not get off at the last stop (dangerous!). I barbecued between a pool and a villa while listening to the stories of an FBI agent who fights gangs. I saw a hummingbird. I stayed up all night. I did an illegal detour over the Golden Gate Bridge by bike. I used public transportation in LA. I even walked in LA. But the best thing was that I didn't do all of this by myself.
Included in this video are 78% of the total photos and videos I've taken during the trip.

Soundtrack in order of appearance:
Whitey - A Walk In The Dark
Ananda Shankar - Streets Of Calcutta
Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici
Matt & Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare
Alex Gopher - Brain Leech
David Bowie - Suffragette City

All stills and videos were shot using a Nikon D90, with the AF-S 18-105 Kit lens and a 50 mm Nikkor non-AI f/1.4.

Software used:
Gimp, Kdenlive, VirtualDub

Some of the photos can also be viewed here: (the "... in short" sets)

Big shout out to:
Abe, Aditi, Aileen, Allen, Amos, Andrew, Ash, Ashley, Avie, Bobby, CC, Craig, Chelsea, Chris, Dave, David, Don, Eric, Eric, Evan, Hilla, Iheb, Jake, Jake, Janä, Jay, Jayson, Jennifer, Jess, Josh, Kathy, Melissa, Menzis, Michala, Patryk, Ryan, Sam, Stephen, Zac.

Partially based on a partially true story.

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