audio: Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng
video: Tina Frank
produced: 2001
“Reconnaissance” was the title of Oren Ambarchi’s and Martin Ng’s first release on the german music label “staubgold” in 2001. I made the cover for this release and the two musicians asked me to create a video for their track “Procession”.
This video was then released as a quicktime movie on the second CD for Staubgold called “Vigil”.

“... “Procession’s” spears of color hang slightly out of focus like continents adrift on an ocean of blackness, shimmering and quivering as a sustained bell chime begins to outline the main tone(s). The edges begin to blur more and more, until the sides of the screen are shifted and jerking in greater chaos with the tone. ...” (Dusted Magazine, OCT. 2003)

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