Premiere on Saturday 23 November at 19:30 hrs by UCVTV.

Documentary Tv program conducted by the young singer Pascuala Ilabaca.
As Pascuala travels through Chile, she will discover the territories of Chile and their artists.

The directors Rodrigo Cepeda and Sergio Navarro, proposes a journey which begins in Valparaiso and extends to Iquique, Antofagasta, Talca, Valdivia and Puerto Montt, revising the art work of known visual artists, emerging and historical, that have contributed to the construction of national identity.

Imagined Territories is produced by Almágico Films, and seeks to rescue the imagination of local artists like Vargas and Milena Carlas Mollo in Iquique, Fernando Pratts, Dagmara Wyskiel in Antofagasta, Simon Alberto Fuentes and Fulfilled in Talca, Claudia Castillo and Mariana Matthews in Valdivia, and the artists and Edward Rojas Bernardo Oyarzun Chiloe and Puerto Montt.

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