Drones can be fun, too, not just scary deliverers of destruction. Trying to 'destigmatize' the word, since most people, especially the media, insist on using it to describe what are really hobby aircraft flown using a camera -a fun and challenging recreation.

Here are some shots over Wisconsin using, as is the case with many of these videos, a combination of FPV (flying using the camera) and LOS (line of sight flying). Watch in High Definition if you can, although it presents well on a good phone - in any event, it's the best I can do right now. Still learning a lot.

Filmed entirely in Wisconsin USA. Permission received in all private areas.

Great music: Nothing Else Matters by Scala and Kolacny

Using the TBS Discovery quadcopter
NAZA flight controller
10 inch Carbon Fiber Tiger Props
JR 9503 2.4 Ghz transmitter
1.2 Ghz RMRC 300 mw video equipment
IBCrazy's Circular Polarized antennas on both sides
12 DB gain patch antenna and V transmit antenna for distance flights
600 line RMRC FPV camera
Go Pro Hero 3 Black camera for video recording
Eagle Tree telemetry and On Screen Display (OSD)
RMRC DVR recorder for telemetry (shown in this video)
Loc8tor Lost Model Alarm
2 GPS Devices on board - NAZA and Eagle Tree
Adobe Premiere Elements Video Editing
Go Pro Professional Cases

Enjoy, and feel free to comment


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