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The main purpose of this test was get to know the Pocket Cinema Camera , and also try it out with the 2/3" Fujinon 4.5-59mm Super Wide Cine Style zoom lens - a fantastic piece of glass! The camera was was rigged up with the Wooden Camera Quick Kit and PL Mount, with which I then used an Optex B4 to PL adaptor to attach the lens. Since 2/3" lenses can be backfocused on the lens (rather than the camera body), it was able to work.

The camera was configured in a very lightweight mode since I was shooting alone: Mattebox only, no follow focus or viewfinder. I was keen to see how it behaved with the use of filters, film a variety of shots including low light, high contrast and portrait style, and to see how usable the in-built features such as peaking and zebras actually were. The entire test was shot in film gamma and ProRes HQ.

Shot and edited by Lemac team member Brett Williams. Graded by Tim Schumann (also of Lemac Melbourne) in DaVinci Resolve.

Colour grading, of course, is a subjective art form in itself. So we thought why not let you have a go! We have uploaded a ProRes HQ export (titled and watermarked in bottom of the screen, file size around 4GB) of the flat, film gamma version of this test. If you're interested in grading it yourself, contact me on and I'll send you the details.

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