videowork coming from Liuba's performance at Galerie Parisud, Paris.

This project investigates the ambiguity of the limits between ‘public space’ and ‘private space’ and the dynamics of relationship with the other. It raises questions about the blindness of love and the power of senses.
The performance begins ‘by surprise’ during the opening of the gallery, without announcement, melting art action and everyday life. There is no difference between the audience and the performing couple ( Liuba as the woman).
The exposal of the naked bodies imposes interpretations and suggestions on love, it’s character and relationships, and raises questions about decency and censorship.
Tolerance, Yin and Yang, Light and Shadow, Relationship between sexs, races, oppositions, homage a Magritte, are some topics and reflections evocated by this performance.

(extract from the text of the exhibition’s catalogue at Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, Paris)

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