Dragonflies are a colourful and distinctive feature of fresh water habitats. While many of us think of the colourful acrobatic aerial hunter, this is only a small part of a dragonfly's life-cycle. This film charts the dragonfly's life story and highlights some of the surprising adaptations adopted by different species.

I am an amateur naturalist, wildlife photographer and film maker based in Staffordshire, England. Dragonfly is my second film project and was shot entirely with consumer grade equipment, including DSLR cameras and a HD camcorder fitted with macro adapters.

The film is the result of my passion for these fascinating insects and was inspired by the work of other enthusiast solo film makers. I shot all of the footage, and edited and narrated the film on a shoestring budget. My wife Helen shares my passion and diligently looked after the nymphs that we have reared at our home for filming the underwater sequences.

The film has been made freely available online and is being used as an educational tool by the British Dragonfly Society.

Canon DSLR's (60D & 1DMKIV)
Canon 300mm f2.8
Canon 100mm f2.8 macro
Sony CX730E camcorder
Raynox DCR250 & MSN505 macro converters.

The underwater sequences were filmed in several small tanks prepared to simulate a natural habitat. Post production was done in Sony Vegas Pro 11.

Festivals and awards:
BIAFF 2014 – Best Documentary
UNICA 2014 – Diploma of Honour
Wildscreen 2014 – Panda Award nominee
Tallin 2014 - XII rahvusvaheline harrastusfilmide festival - Second prize
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – Official Selection 2015
AFO - Official Selection 2015

You can find more films and information about us at our website. wildlifelens.co.uk

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