Directed By Computer Jay
Director of Photography: Talltree
Produced By: Computer Jay & Psychscope Art
Assistant Director: Eric Coleman
Assistant Cameraman: John David Heeg
Editor/Post: Talltree
Visuals/Projection Mapping: Major Gape
LZX Graphics Engineer: Johnny Woods
Lighting: Eric Coleman
Dancers/Models: Marlee Rojas and Krystal Bee
Costume Design: Aubrey Binzer
Hair Stylist: Jessica LaRue Donatoni
Makeup: Helena Tamargo
Additional Animation: Anibal Koliren
Choreography: Anaisabel Mercado, Jessica LaRue Donatoni, Usha Khanna-Taylor
Production Assistant's: Jas1000, DJ Metronome
A Very Special Thanks to Bob Donatoni, Ironlak L.A, and Han Cholo

*This song is about the 21st Century's mass culture addiction to technology

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