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The entertainment live in Indonesia has matured incredibly in the last few years holding new styles of entertainment concept and has many professional managed entertainment and production. An entertainment industry around the world have also started to notice that nowadays Indonesia is not just a holiday destination but has grown to be a possible market for big events.
76Beat production wants to present “the completed solution for your entertainment guide and business”. This show will offer highly attractive sponsorship opportunities for companies wishing to target will those between 21 to 55-years-old. This demographic has proved to be incredibly devoted consumers for these popular entertainment & production events.
Entertainment has always been a significant creative and artistic pursuit through many centuries of different communities around the world. Today’s 76 Beat Productions want to organize and create a historical production set up that is always observed abroad, but never in this island with more themes and specificity concept with two different of the kind.

76BEAT Production is an event management that has worked on numerous events since the start of the new millennium. We consult, train, create concepts, and offer a full range of services through our multilayered integration of creative design, events, marketing and activation.

Achievement strategic; We provide accomplished services in various bars, lounges, nightclubs, villas, restaurant and also well-known clubs in 5-star hotels to provide:
Event Planner | Product Launching | Award ceremonies | Photography & Video Editing |Event Marketing | Corporate Activities | Production Sound & Lighting | Stages & Ridging set up | Gathering & Symposium | Outbound | TVC or Print Ad | Party Organizer | Wedding Arrangement | Event Producer

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