Sizzle Reel: "Lights Over Leary". Release: 2014

Lights Over Leary is a new full feature documentary by Tobias McGriff and is set in Southern Georgia in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Soon to be President of the United States Jimmy Carter, witnessed a strange light in Leary, Ga. and four years later he would file an official UFO report detailing the event.

What the rest of the world was unaware of, was that Southwest Georgia was experiencing a rash of UFO sightings that got the attention of even the Pentagon. Lights Over Leary tells that story and details the dozens of sightings by credible members of law enforcement, an Albany Herald reporter and military personnel. Re-creations of key events in the UFO saga in Southern Georgia will be highlighted and sky re-creations of the night of Carter's sighting will illustrate new information never before shared.

The centerpiece of the film features the first interview that fellow Carter witness Fred Hart has ever granted, who shares very controversial testimony about the sighting that fateful night. Release: 2014.

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