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Filmed by Missionaryfilms.org
Being in Haiti you can see that there is a poverty of leadership, but it's not the case for the leadership of Young Life. They say that the streets of Haiti is like the living room. These leaders go and take to the streets and neighborhoods to reach kids and are changing the country one kid at a time. They believe that if you change one Haitian, you can change the nation!

This is a short film about the work of Young Life in Haiti. Young Life started out with one club with 20 kids in Port-au-Prince and has expanded all throughout Haiti. They now reach over 10,000 young people. Young Life Haiti is growing at a phenomenal rate of 20-30% a year.

Young Life men and women move into parts of cities where people would not normally go on purpose. There, they take to the streets and communicate the gospel to Haitians who might not otherwise know God. By mentoring these young people, they grow up knowing the love of Jesus and are able to spread this love to others. Watch the video to see how Young Life Haiti impacts the life of Haitians all over Haiti.

Check out the video above!

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