Plaster, Chicken wire, very cool caulking substance, paint, video projector, DNC performer, speakers, cognitive sciences theories about brain stimulation and coaching methods, some soundings.

DNC or « Danse N’importe Comment » (« Dance no matter how ») is a concept of lightning propagation in the French late-night circles, notably the Parisian one. It takes the form of dance, and is characterized by the giving up of any either natural or traditional corporal control, to reach either a totally new kind of control – if not a transcendent one –, or a total absence of control.

There are many different types of DNC, among which it is worth naming the “wild”, “lascivious”, “gamboling”, “prancing”, “unconscious”, and “On Ice” DNCs, particularly emblematic and conducive to visualization. Nevertheless, one must keep in mind the extendable character of this list, arising from the idea that any category of DNC that is imagined can come into existence when it is embodied.

[Otherwise DNC is often combined, in its representations as much as in its concrete performance, with the spontaneous and vivacious practice of expressive and colorful wall-painting, used to encourage the vigor of DNC and providing it both the décor and the stage for its expression.]

DNC is an absolutely lawful activity whose initial’s narcotic connotations are only to emphasize its indoctrinating character.

The DNC INCUBATOR will provide DNC the medium for its totalitarian and authoritarian global establishment. This first presented model shows some dysfunctions altering the performances of the brain stimulation and coaching it is supposed to provide. It seems that the system has turned into a more self conscious state than what it was expected to. Further versions should receive an accentuated control while new components and blocks will be added to this structural basis.

By 12.31.2013, the DNC INCUBATOR should be able to enter the coercive tools market to serve DNC’s expansion ambitions.

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