The True Celebration Of St Kilda Music - A Day By The Green #11

A Day By The Green is a uniquely St Kilda celebration of good music. For a few bucks, you can see some of the best bands performing around Melbourne. Organised by Cold Harbour, they incorporate classic old bands with new acts. A Day By The Green happens a three times a year at the St Kilda Bowls Club, affectionately known by the locals as "The Bowlo". This ROCKtober 11th event is the final big blowout bash for the year, as the events happen during January, April and October. The long list of bands that have performed in previous A Day By The Green lineups include The Ears, X, La Femme, Bitter Sweet Kicks, Ron Peno & The Superstitions, Fuck Fucks, Little Murders, Brian Hooper, Mesa Cosa, Bugdust, Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Hell Hounds, The Exotics, 12FU, Burn In Hell, Penny Ikinger, The Mercy Kills, Smoke Machine, The Level Spirits, The Fascinators, Fiona & The Holy Men, Sideshow Brides, Rosie Haden, Vice Grip Pussies, Gut, Valentiiine, Kim Volkman & The Whiskey Priests, Kerri Simpson, The Scarletons, Late Arvo Sons, Dr El Suavo, The Patron Saints, The Twoks, Intoxica, Marilyn Rose & The Thorns, Little Freddie & The Pops, Fiona Lee Maynard & The Stiletto Survival Band, Billy Pommer Jr & The Guilty Plea, Jack Howard & The Long Lost Brothers, Divine Fluxus, Suzie Stapleton, Waco Social Club, Dial Me For Murder, Kids In Cults, Nior, Spacecho, Seedy Jeezus, Neon & Venom, Harry Howard & The NDE, Vic Meehan & Dave Moll, Chaos Kids, Rob Jones & The Melancholics, Mary Hillbillies, Dukes Of Deliciousness, Ponygirl & The Outsiders, Dirty Harriet & The Hangmen, Dead River, Vincent J Kramer and of course.....Cold Harbour.


Kim Salmon & The Surrealists
Bitter Sweet Kicks
Living Eyes
Devil Rock 4
Cold Harbour
Kim Volkman & The Whiskey Priests
Los Dominados
Long Holiday

That's A Day By The Green.

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