Pentapong is the result of the last experiment of Espadaysantacruz studio. It's an installation based game that makes use of cutting edge technologies to create a unique user experience. Pentapong is a multiplayer 3D game built with Unity3D in which virtual objects coexist with physical objects by using projection mapping techniques.

The main challenge of this experiment is to create a responsive installation that engages multiple users in an immediate manner. To do so, we have used the technology of websockets which allows us to convert the web browser of any mobile device into a full application with zero configuration. This is why Pentapong is an ideal installation for events and festivals, in which many casual users may participate.

In Espadaysantacruz studio, we like to handcraft objects ourselves to give each installation its unique identity. In this case, we have chosen a retrofuturistic look, combining sharp-edged asymmetrical wood work with cool pastel colour patterns.

Behind the simplicity of Pentapong there is a complicated set of protocols and processes to efficiently control the concurrency of several users. We have used Unity3D as the game engine, MadMapper for projection mapping, Processing for the game logic and the display, Python for the websocket server, Javascript for the front-end webapp.

Personal Project: Espadaysantacruz Studio

Powered by WebSockets + Unity 3D + Processing + MadMapper + Python + JS

#Sept. 2013

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