This the original creation of me (Panagiotis Kondylis) for the Vancouver Film School Scholarship Contest.
The phrase selected from the VFS Manifesto is "I choose to live my art & dominate my craft. I choose to create"

Narrator: Panagiotis Kondylis
" I choose to live my art. Born and raised in a family of architects and artists, learning the basics of concept, design and harmony.
I stay focused and i keep practising, in order to master and dominate my craft,
I choose to create"

Concept and Direction: Panagiotis (Panos) Kondylis
Make up / SFX Make up : Panagiotis (Panos) Kondylis
Performer (Model to who make up is applied) : Despoina Davouti
Camera: Damian Aronidis
Original Music: Damian Aronidis

All images, sketches, artworks and sculptures appeared on this video were created and are owned by the creator of this video Panagiotis Kondylis

All right owned and reserved

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