Staten Island This Week for the Third Week of October:

Thank you for tuning into this segment, in which our correspondent Hannah Jay takes us through recent events in Staten Island from the beginning of October through the second week.

New York City's Build It Back Program just purchased a Sandy Victim's property for the first time:

Recently Mayor Bloomberg announced in a public speech that the New York City government's Built It Back Program would be buying its first home from a Sandy victim citywide, and this home is in Staten Island's Tottenville neighborhood. The storm survivor, Patricia Dresch, suffered the loss of not only her home, but also her husband and thirteen year old daughter. Stay tuned to learn more about Build It Back's latest funding operations.

Additions are underway in the Tottenville commercial sector:

Major improvements are currently in the works for Tottenville Square, at the intersection of Amboy Road and Page Avenue. Hollister Construction Services has already begun building a 20,000 square foot commercial space, which is rumored to hold restaurants, retail space, and an ambulatory health center upon its completion. The building in this highly-desired neighborhood is expected to be completed in mid-2014.

No Schoolyard for P.S. 4?

Students at P.S. 4 in Arden Heights have little room to play. That's because the only outdoor space that all 800 students have access to is a small playground. During recess and gym, there is no schoolyard space provided for the children. Although a piece of land was recently paved for the children, it is currently being used as a parking lot!

Residential Permit Acceptances for the week of September 29th through October 5th:

This past week, Staten Island saw the acceptance of five residential permits. One of these is for the North Shore, and four are in the Mid-Island section. The types of homes and exact neighborhoods these homes will be built in are revealed in this video.

Upcoming events for the beginning of November:

For the beginning of November, we present a nice variety of events you can attend in Staten Island. Watch this brief segment to learn more about an American Girl Doll party, an astronomy event, a chance to see Kevin James live, and more!

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