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  1. Randall Marsrow

    Randall Marsrow


  2. Andrew Barker

    Andrew Barker


  3. Andrew Newton

    Andrew Newton

    Director of Photography 

  4. Michael Piccola

    Michael Piccola

    Art Director 

  5. Ryan Serr

    Ryan Serr


  6. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor

    Camera operator 

  7. David Fry

    David Fry

    Steady Cam Operator 

  8. Chris May

    Chris May

    1st Assistant Director 

  9. Liza Moore

    Liza Moore


  10. Amber Bartel

    Amber Bartel


  11. Steven Vaquera

    Steven Vaquera

    1st Assistant Camera 

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Does That Make Me a Good Man?

Does That Make Me a Good Man?” by Randall Marsrow has 11 people who starred in or helped make this video.

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