As many of my fighters will testify, I constantly shout "move your head" when they're in the ring sparring or even on fight nights. There is nothing worse than watching a talented boxer with all the skills, keeping his head in one place, allowing shots to land freely. Just moving the head slightly can make your opponent miss punch after punch, giving you more opportunities to land your counters (counter-punches).

But this can lead to another problem that has been asked in this quick video, and that is "How do you deal with a constant head mover". It's all very well making your opponent miss with well timed head movement, but it's incredibly frustrating if your opponent is returning the favour by doing the same thing.

On the video I outlay a few things that have helped me, primarily "Go for the body" and ignore the head. There is a reason for Joe Fraziers famous saying "If you kill the body, the head will die" and that's because it's true.

The head is a small part of the body and is easy and quick to move, but the body on the other hand is a much larger target and is much slower to move.

So, if you get into a ring with a 'head mover', start aiming lower, try jabbing (not to his head) but to the chest area. Go for body hooks and straights to the body too. These shots will take their tole, they will slow down your opponent. Quite often body punches encourage the guard to lower, in an attempt to block them - opening the head back up for attack.

I hope this video helps and feel free to post any questions you have and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Training.

Cornelius Carr

former BBBofC British Super-Middleweight & WBF World Middleweight Champion

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