2010 AAPM Annual Meeting
Donald Cool, Ph.D, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C., 20555 
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Options to Revise the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Radiation Protection Regulations The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is in the process of engaging stakeholders on issues associated with possible changes to the radiation protection regulations contained in 10 CFR Part 20, and other parts of the NRC regulations, to increase alignment with recent recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection. The Commission is particularly seeking to explore implications, as appropriate and where scientifically justified, of greater alignment with ICRP Publication 103. Other information from national and international sources are also being considered. Given that the NRC regulations provide adequate protection, the discussion has been focusing on discerning the benefits and burdens associated with revising the radiation protection regulatory framework. The NRC staff is to provide recommendations to the Commission in late 2011.

The staff has identified a number of key issues for ongoing discussion, as a result of its initial analysis, and as a result of consultations with stakeholders during 2009 and early 2010. These key issues include: 1) the use of effective dose and implications of incorporating the latest recommendations for tissue and radiation weighting factors; 2) the occupational dose limits; 3) the dose limits for special populations, such as the dose limit for the embryo/fetus of a declared pregnant woman; and 4) the use of constraints as a formal part of licensee radiation protection programs and the process of keeping exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable.

Educational Objectives:
1. Understand the issues and background for possible changes to NRC’s radiation protection regulations.
2. Understand implications of possible changes, and provide user feedback to be incorporated into the ongoing technical basis development.

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