Our patent-pending triple shelter anchor is designed to give you maximum operational freedom in the smallest, lightest package possible.

made from ultra-heavy UV, mildew, and fire-resistant vinyl and nylon, the ATLAS anchor is tough enough to fill with rocks, dirt, bricks, or whatever you have on hand. Three independent compartments means you can fill just one compartment or all three, depending on your needs.

When we say adaptable and tactical, we mean it. The ATLAS anchor is easier and faster to transport, set up and fill than traditional water bladders or barrels, and gives you many more options for filling and securing than sand or dirt anchors.

The ATLAS anchor weighs just 5.5 lbs when empty, and folds to less than 1ft3. On the other hand, it weighs over 625 pounds when filled with water or can be filled with over 10ft3 of rocks, sand or gravel.

The ATLAS anchor is a safe, functional alternative to stakes in delicate environments or on blacktop/concrete.

Since our ASAP shelter kits were designed from the start to be mobile, lightweight, and low-impact, the ATLAS anchor is the perfect add-on when deploying quickly or to uncertain situations. No pumps or tools (outside of a bucket or shovel) are needed to utilize the ATLAS anchor with any materials at hand.

For our ASAP shelters, we recommend two or four ATLAS anchors depending on shelter size and likely deployment conditions. ATLAS anchors work just as well on any other shelter system with tiedowns.

Key Features:

No-impact anchor with three 25-gallon compartments
More adaptable than water barrels or bladders
Larger and easier to fill than soil/sand bags
Use gravel, dirt, water, or any other substrate
Integrates with any existing shelter system
Weight: 5.5lbs
Dims, folded: 20”x12”x3”
Capacity: 75 Gallons or 10ft3
Material: UV, mold, fire-resistant vinyl (NFPA rated), Ballistic nylon
Patent Pending

Music: Composer - Jake LaVallee, Owner of

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