Winner Best Movie at 2010 UTD Cosmic Film Festival.
Official selection: 2010 Dallas International Film Festival and Awareness Fest: Heal One World in California.

"Uncertain" relates the drowsy-dream of a teenage boy who has taken an overdose of pills to end his life. Driven on an open-field road, Anson slowly wakes up to realize he does not know where he is or where is being taken. Only when he meets a man in the middle of a prairie does he recall his suicide attempt caused by the social aggression he’s suffered at school.

“Uncertain” is a video response to the deaths of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Eric Mohat and Jaheem Herrera in April 2009. All three teenagers and numerous more across the country are choosing to end their lives unable to enduring the physical attacks and gay slurs they face on a daily basis at their respective schools and communities.

This short video project does not intend to answer any specific questions, instead it is inviting viewers to participate in a constructive conversation by asking questions regarding teen suicide, school bullying and GLBTQ issues. This online forum also encourages parents, educators and young people to share their experiences, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or the bodily and verbal abuse they are suffering.

3 nationally renowned non-profit organizations focusing specifically on suicide prevention, youth outreach, and education to ensure safe schools are lending their support and resources to help us better understand and positively affect the lives of those individuals who need our support.

In collaboration with The Trevor Project, Teen Line, and Hope Line.

Written, edited and directed by Luis Fernando Midence.
2009. University of Texas at Dallas.

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