Yeah!!! How's It Everyone!

Yes..... I have been at it again.... reconnecting with old friends and those who have helped me through tough times, those who have been an inspiration on a loving and direct level and have the pleasure of posting up a new LIS Live It Stoked Interview with my long time friend and fellow musician, Will Dailey!
Will as many of you know is a INCREDIBLE person, musician, producer, world traveler, singer, songwriter, and over all, a beautiful dude!
I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with Will during his Pledge Music Tour with Blue, and after he had played FARM AID once again.. this year in Saratoga Springs!
After coming together to shoot some live show footage of Will at the Brighton Music Hall in Brighton MA, Will and I discussed getting together to shoot an interview with him for LIS and as the AMAZING person he is, he was down to shoot after returning from FARM AID.
Will has been a close friend of mine for over 20 years and really looked out for me through a very troubling and challenging time. I can't thank him enough for being sincere, candid, to the point and on point.
I am sure you will enjoy this segment of LIS with Will Dailey, and if you are not familiar with Will's music, you are in for an AMAZING treat!
Check out Will Dailey via and Support Pledge Music!
Thanks Will!
Love you Bra!

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