Duality. That's the word I'd use to describe my collection.

At first I started thinking of it as an adjective to describe women, they want to be sexy but quiet serious, they want to be loud and quiet, they want to show some skin but not too much! They want black and white, they want their skirts a bit longer but that long!

And then I followed the concept of duality towards my own persona, I want to be a fashion designer but I'm studying architecture, and you I wanted to show it by doing a mix of simple forms with a great attention to detail. Also, I did a reference to duality of me doing my own versions of the Dior collections, so I brought back the iconic bar suit and the hourglass shape in some of the dresses mixed with my own codes, more relaxed lines yet very structured.

The first part of the collecion (the first twelve designs) are "half-n-half", leather needle lace panels over leaf crepe in basic colors like black, white, red, blue, yellow and gold. For the day time coats I decided to glimpse a bit of my very first collections as a "child of fashion" I was very into fur, so now I did a redux version of some of my very first designs (a reference in the duality of past and future).

I played a lot with all the possible meanings of duality for evening, but specially the male/female part of it, normally I'd only do ball gowns, these time I bet on tuxedos and coats as part of the variety of selection for evening wear.

As for the accessories and the styling of my croquis, I chose to do a headwear that it's both, romantic and very futuristic, like a crown for a queen in a galaxy far far away. It's supposed to be made out of gold, very light of course.

The hair was a bit more difficult, so i decided to do it very simple, just straighten back and loose. Which it's very serious but it has a certain freedom.

I decided to include the plus size croquis not just as the concept of duality, I did them because woman don't just come in one size and shape, they come in very marvelous different combinations. And I want to celebrate that!

As an extra fact for this collection I'll only add that my this is my 2nd year with my blog, which makes me very happy, and my 22 nd birthday it's on Sunday. So yeah... The theme was quite obvious for me to choose.

Thank you so much for your support, as I say almost every collection, without the people who trust in me and the people who really supports me I would not be here.

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