What defines our intelligence?

Intelligence is the skill that allows us to take the information from our inner self and the world around us with the aim of building an answer according to the needs that our environment is demanding. This depends on genetics and the experiences we have all along our lifetime.

To know more about our intelligence, our brain and how to build a healthy mind, ikasHUB team went to Ikerbasque (Basque Foundation for Science) to talk with Amanda Sierra, Ikerbasque Research Professor (Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience) and Doctor in Neuroscience.

Amanda conquered us with her educational explanations and her passion for performance of microglial cells. Her experience in the investigation of various mechanisms that are generated in the diseased brain led us to the need to ask for the healthy brain. The conclusion was simple and accessible to all: no worse poison to the brain that boredom.

Thanks Amanda for your time, the laboratory in Achucarro and all your knowledge to make complex issues simple.

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