This 4 minute tutorial shows you how to create your own new "World" (or game project) using "Architect" - the All-in-One Game Development Toolset included with the Visual3D Game Engine.

It covers creation of your own new "World" (game project / virtual world), a new Scene (Level / Mission / Scenario), and Terrain (Environment / Location for outdoor scenes).

This is the 1st video in the "World Building" tutorial sequence, showing how we built the "Lizard Rock Island" demo game in a single day, using the Visual3D Game Engine v0.9.6 (Beta 6).

This video also introduces you "Terrain Editing" using sculpting brushes, which is covered in more detail in the following videos in our "World Building" tutorial sequence.

Be sure to check back often, as we will be publishing many more tutorial videos over the next few weeks.
And, we will be including the finished demo game as a starter kit with our upcoming v0.9.7 release.

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