"Selling Love" stage production at the Elite Theatre Company in Oxnard, CA. elitetheatre.org

Running time: 86 minutes

Filmed with a Canon C300 & Canon 70-200 f2.8L lens and two stationary Sony EX1R's. Audio captured by a Zoom H4n placed on a desk on stage. Filmed by one person (me) and seeing the play for the first time.

Filmed as a personal favor for my friend Nathan Paul who plays "Roberts" in the show.

Title: 2:18
The end: 1:23:34
Scrolling end credits: 1:24:30
Elite Theatre: 1:25:14
BB Video logo: 1:25:20

Mr. Mac Ryan: Cecil Sutton
Laurie: Allison Chase Williams
Roberts: Nathan Paul
Sheila: Lindsey Newell
Kelly: Travis Winterstein
Ms. Youngman: Sindy McKay
Jack: Roger Krevenas

Ms. Youngman Understudies:
*Akira Dann, *Heather Linkletter

Director: Andrew James
Producers: Akira Dann, Allison Williams
Stage Manager: Akira Dann
Assistant Director : Akira Dann
Assistant Stage Mgr: Heather Linkleter
Prop Master: Stephen Silvers
Set Design: Roger Krevenas
Lighting Design: Steve Grumette, Andrew James
Sound Design: Andrew James
Costume Design: Allison Williams
Technical Assist: Pat Lawler
Master Carpenters: Roger Krevenas, Bob Decker
Production Assistants: Steven Silvers, Heather Linkletter
Photographers: Cameron Crouch, Ryan Johnson
Video Production: Bruce Birnbaum
BB Video Productions, Inc.

Edited in FCPX.

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