Highlights from Archon 37, St. Louis, Missouri, October 4-6, 2013
Video features Costume Players Cosplayers, Artists, Publishers, Vendors, and more.

Archon is a multigenre convention held annually in Collinsville, Illinois and is hosted by St. Louis Science Fiction, Ltd. It is the largest convention of its type in the St. Louis, Missouri area, bringing a few thousand fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror each year. (description from Wikipedia.org)

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Special Thanks to:
Archon Organization
Archon Volunteers Poster Artist
Orange Cat and Company
Green Screen Booth: imagecollectors@gmail.com
Samurai Guy
Star Trek Team
Boba Fett Team
Batman vs Villains Group
Doctor Who and Company
Peter Pan vs The Doctor
League of Legends
Red Sonja
Jean Grey and Wolfgirl
Gwyneth Arts Live!
Bug of Doom
Dark Sunshine
All the Links
Jay P
Rise of the Dead Magic: Matt Grawitch
Divided book: jennifersights.com
Sere From the Green book: Lauren Jankowski
Frik'in Hell book: Frikinhell.com
All the Pirates
All the Poison Ivy Girls
Star Wars 501st Legion
Brian P
All the Jokers
Gameniteshop.com for gaming
Captain America
All the Vampires and Hunters
All the Steampunk Characters
Mr. Bill
Sonic and the Hobbit
St. Louis Science Center
Left and Right Dolls (cool knitted figs)
All the Board Gamers and RPGers
Wolf offering Hugs
Mad Max Team
Ghost Busters
Blanka: Green Street Fighter Character (NOT Hulk)
All those named and unnamed, thanks for sharing.

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