I've been prepping to shoot a short film, later this fall, and have been experimenting with cameras and post processes, to figure out what approach to go with. One of the things I wanted to experiment with is the popular Film Grain effect applied on digital footage, and also how it holds up in an H.264 compressed output.
So I shot this test last friday, with the lovely actress and friend of mine, Hayden Shinger (Twitter: @HaydenShinger).
I used my trusty Canon 5DmkII which I normally use primarily for still photography. Pardon some of the mistakes on exposure, flaring and focus here and there. I didn't have an LCD Viewfinder with me at the time, to shield me from the sun as well as a lens hood. Lesson learned! :)
I edited and applied the film grain using Adobe Premiere Pro CC with Gorilla Grain, using the Fine Clean grain pass and kept it very subtle to avoid issues with my H.264 output. All footage stayed native to the camera, so it was edited in H.264, and output in H.264.

Test Specs:

Canon 5DmkII
H.264 Native
Rokinon 24mm f1.4
Canon 50mm f1.4
Picture Profile: "Neutral but Punchy" using EOSHD's suggested settings
Slight Minimal Color Grade and Edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Gorilla Grain Fine Clean Grain pass


Music: "The Wider Sun" by Jon Hopkins

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