Recently I was fortunate to have a short visit in Moose Factory. It is the shared island home of the MoCreebec and Moose Cree First Nations people. The island is the largest of several that have formed in the delta of the Moose River, which flows into James Bay in the far north of Ontario. The river is the conduit for everything essential to the Moose Cree and MoCreebec. Between spring ice break and winter freeze over, hunters and fishers travel great distances to their traditional trapping lines, petroleum and food is transported by barge, the ambulance service and school taxi ferry people to and from Moosonee on the mainland. The river is everything. Talking with so many people, I have come to better understand the relationship the Aboriginal People of Canada have with the land. The experience was profound.
This video is in part my way of honouring all those who made my time there very special. It is also a protest and statement regarding the genocide and duplicity on the part of our governments that continues against our First Nations People.
Times are changing. The native youth population is the largest growing demographic in this country. Education of the youth has become a priority in the community. The communities are regaining their strength. The Idle No More movement is redefining history on native terms and raising consciousness of native issues. In time we will see who prevails. As one person said to me, 'they didn't kill us, we will live again'.
I would also like to thank Daryl Issacs for his personal insights and sharing his family stories with me.

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Music: Dream Of A Land - Garry B

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