This is an excerpt of a two projector 16 mm film installation.
for better effect- listen with headphones and watch fullscreen.
Part of Sight of Sound event in WORM, Rotterdam

7/8 is one of the asymmetrical time signatures in Balkan folk music. Uneven beats are confusing for one not familiar with them.
The installation consists of two projectros, with 16 mm film loops.
I use film as a way to materialize the rythm, No camera is used, no image is constructed. I punch holes trough the film, to visualize the beats.
The sound is created using the film perforation as optical soundtrack, forming the rhythm by revealing and covering the perforation line.
One projector loops the 7/8 rhythm and the other is like a metronome, running different regular beats. Watching the projections at the same
time, next to each other, the visitor witnesses the assymetry both as sound and light.

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