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- Naturopathic medicine is science based and clinically verified. Naturopathic medicine exists to marry the scientific method with non-drug therapeutics.
- The philosophy of MD's believe that when the human body gets sick, its screwed and can't fix itself. They believe that the body is fixed by focusing drug therapies to the sick part of the body and perform the healing; because the body can't.
- The philosophy of ND's is that the human body gets sick because of deficiencies but can heal itself. Because your body grew itself, all by itself from a single cell organism, it is capable of healing itself. We believe that when the human body is given the raw materials needed it knows how and wants to heal itself.

See more at -- We are a full service educational tool armed with knowledge of wholistic healing and the power of a good diet and clinically verified medical nutrition designed for people who want to recover and/or achieve optimal health by promoting and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself without drugs and without surgery.

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