It all started with a casual conversation Fionn and I had back in winter 2011 - more and more Chinese business people are stepping into East Africa, they are running the convenient shops around the corner, factories, and even construction companies.

This lead to our initial goal of Afrinese - to see how local African and Chinese communities are integrating (or not) with each other. Our two-month roadtrip on the East Coast of Africa is not only an eye-opening adventure, but also a journey for self-discovery and growth.

We wouldn't be able to say thank you enough to our dear family, friends, and those who have helped us in every and any way. Our acknowledgement and many special thanks go to:
Tom Wright,
Embassy of China in Mozambique,
ACC Amitofo Care Center,
Yik Yin Anita Yeung,
Alyssa Berggren,
Gao Haifeng,
Embassy of China in Malawi,
Confucius Institution in Zanzibar, Tanzania,
Embassy of China in Tanzania,
Huawei Technology, Nairobi, Kenya,
Safaricom Kenya,
Joe Onam,
Embassy of China in Kenya,
Amanda Kendzior,
Andreas Pfenning,
Embassy of China in Uganda,
Netti Wild,
Christopher Gallagher,
UBC Film Production,
Catherine Juntin Zhang,
Ying Wang,
Richmond International Film Festival,
Cinevolution Media Arts.

My teammates-of-lifetime:
Di Fu,
Ling Zhong,
Joao Paulo Pembelane,
Fionn Wright

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