this is a song i wrote for the footage i shot while traveling to Palestine in early 2013.
i visited the Balata and Jalazone refugee camps, as well as Ramallah.
While there i visited with several community organizers and other inspiring people who wish to bring about change in the situation here through art and creative collaborations.

the reality there is harsh, and being a father made it a very sensitive environment for me.
its hard to see soo many children on both sides of the conflict growing up with such an amount of fear and violence. i have dedicated a large chunk of my mental capacity in trying to understand the situation from a neutral point of view, and i have hope for a peaceful resolution in the future.
with love all is possible, and i did still experience lots of love there!

freedom is a very very tricky subject, and i think very few of us truly know what it means, but in the search for it - we are destroying our planet and humanity itself.
next time you find yourself wanting to be "free" ask yourself is that feeling a selfish one- or do you wish the same exact thing for all>>>

if you find this video moving, you can help by spreading it, posting it, talking about it.
my intention is not to offend anyone, but just share my moment in time.

the music was produced by Jay Haze (me)
and the footage was recorded and edited by Jay Haze (me again)
all footage shot in 2013 on location.
love is the answer.

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