my tv has no picture, just vertical colour lines… sound is fine…

Welcome to a world of sonic patterns mapped through lines of colour. You are about to discover the effects of multiple frequency modulations pooled into vibrant structures and rotated to form a vertical split of the screen. As the sound breathes away in smooth waves, its drones and pulses are triggering a visual perception that is not captured on film.

All images were recorded live using analogue equipment while the sound was twisted through a synchronator device. What you hear is what you see.

Image: Tina Frank
Sound: COH

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This is the documentation* of Colterrain, part of »Vertical Cinema«, a site-specific cinema for special locations. Ten commissioned films were printed on 35mm celluloid and projected vertically by means of a custom developed projection set-up. Vertical Cinema proposes a beyond-digital, transversal future for film, deliberately going against the prevailing trends of contemporary film and re-imagining what cinema can be when everyday’s conventions are discarded.

Vertical Cinema
World Premiere at Kontraste Festival Krems, 13. 10. 2013
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* privately bootlegged by Tina Frank, filmed from the audience during the testscreening.

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