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Finally! Damn, work on this part was a nightmare. I had a problem with the choice of all: the story, the scenes, colorings, dialogues. It's been three months since the last part so this should be better, but in reality is the worst of all, sorry about that.

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♪Song: Philip Wesley - Leaving The Darkness Behind, Kings Of Leon - Notion
►Fandom: The Vampire Diaries - Elena Gilbert (and Damon, Stefan)
Supernatural - Dean Winchester
One Tree Hill - Brooke

Elena: I saw you last night. You were talking to a friend of mine. At the grill?
Brooke: Yes. Can I talk to you?
Elena: Sure
Brooke: Why are you doing this?
Elena: I have to look out for him.
Brooke: What does that mean?
Elena: We're trying to protect the people that we love by keeping them out of it, but in the end, we're hurting them anyway.
Brooke: Is gonna be really upset when he finds out you've been keeping this from him.
Elena: Yeah, but I don't want to lose him.
Brooke: There is a boy out there who loves you and I know that you love him back
Elena: It was my choice to save him.
Brooke: Beginning of a beautiful friendship right here.

Elena:I can't do this Stefan I can't I just... it's just too much....
Stefan: Why don't we go somewhere and talk about it.
Elena: No, Stefan you have to stay away from me.

Dean: Something you want to say to me?
Brooke: Is it really that obvious?

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