Women may be half of the population but they are poorly represented in local as well as national politics. For example, of Jerusalem's 31 council members, only six are women. However, for the first time, several of the factions running in the upcoming elections on October 22nd in Jerusalem are led by women who have created lists that are female dominated but not feminist in agenda.

Deputy Mayor Noami Tzur, in charge of the environment portfolio, is founder of the Ometz Lev party which has women in four of its five top places. She tried to recruit Arab and Haredi Orthodox women for top spots but they were forced to drop out of the race because of death threats.

Rachel Azaria, city council member is founder of the Yerushalmim faction with women in three of its top five spots. Azaria as a city council member has spearheaded Supreme Court battles and won against gender segregation in the city's religious neighborhoods and exclusion of women from ads on city buses.

In addition, Racheli Ibenboim, a member of the Gur Hassidic community who was forced to drop out of the race will brief journalists on her experience.

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